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Always pushing to achieve complete audio immersion by perfecting technical abilities and developing new tools, at we managed to learn and perform in most audio related fields. Get in touch to learn more about our background, experience, and latest projects.

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“Where words fail, music speaks”

Hans Christian Andersen



Rockabella -  Steagul Alb feat. Doru Trascau [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
Leyah - I Don't Deserve This (Audio Track)
Rockabella - Arată-te [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
Rockabella - Iată-ne aici [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
Rockabella - Năluca [OFFICIAL AUDIO]
Rockabella x Muse Quartet - Art of War [LIVE from Home]
KUMM – Different Parties feat. Lucia & Muse Quartet (Showroom Original ⨯ Expirat 2021)
JAZZ AT BRAN CASTLE - 2nd Edition, Aug 2014
White Walls - Grandeur - Full Album Stream (Romanian Alt Prog Metal)
byron - Wall of Shame (live orchestra version)
Robin and the Backstabbers - Arte și meserii (30X la Cluj-Napoca, 2018)
Turturelele Muturelele
POUR LES CONNAISSEURS - Nicu Patoi guitar video
Fameless - Stationary Star (Live @ Hard Rock Cafe 2017)
LARISA feat. Tudor Chirilă - Rămâi cu bine | Jazz Version
White Walls - Home Is On The Other Side (LIVE for European Metal Festival Alliance 2020/Artmania)
KABLAT - Out of the loop
The Mono Jacks - Nemuritori I Live la Arenele Romane - album Gloria